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Kuhs Movie Quiz

Recent Entries

12/6/04 02:59 am - kuh

Quiz 3Collapse )

12/6/04 01:28 am - kuh - Results!

Best Mark Ever Quiz ResultsCollapse )

Top 5
jimmyrabbitte -- 16
kimyoo_films -- 14
jenny_rambles -- 13
djmojojojo -- 10
monkstar1 -- 10

12/2/04 12:41 am - kuh

The idea for this bonus round was ganked from moviephiles (with permission.) Inside the cut I have posted five pictures with a person shadowed out and a large yellow question mark on their head. Your objective is to name the movie and the actor/actress that has fallen victim to my MS-Paint skills.

Each movie title is worth one point and the name of the actor/actress is worth one point. This bonus round totals ten points and will run for one week.

Bonus Round!Collapse )

11/28/04 06:49 pm - kuh

This week's poll was created by thebestmarkever. Points and such shall be announced at the poll's end in one week.

Round 2 Quiz 2Collapse )

11/28/04 07:13 pm - no51

I wanted to delay it as much as possible, but here they are
answers!Collapse )

11/21/04 08:42 am - no51 - Movie Quiz Strikes Back: Number 1

Alright kiddies, this is no51 speaking, here to bring you this week's movie quiz.

#11Collapse )

11/21/04 04:22 am - kuh

We have had several new-comers join on in the past few weeks and I think here (10 competitions) is a good place to end it and start a new round. The results can be found here. If you have any problems with the number (i.e. I screwed up,) let me know and I will fix it.

Here are the top ten measured since the beginning:
no51 112
kimyoo_films 108
squeakywheel 106
nemily 104
bellebass 99
djmojojojo 94
purplepoppet 89
tanamaria 87
ophelia_died 87
pistolsmith 84

End note to avoid any confusion: This does not mean kuhsmoviequiz is closing - just that the next movie quiz starts the new competition.

11/21/04 03:54 am - kuh

Putting up the scores a little early because I will be having quite the hectic day tomorrow. If you did not get a chance to participate in this poll, please comment here and tell me what you would have received and I will add it to the score list. The honor system is for winners!

Quiz 10 AnswersCollapse )

Top 10
squeakywheel -- 15 + Cool Points :D
jimmyrabbitte -- 14 + Cool Points :D
ophelia_died -- 12 + Cool Points :D
purplepoppet, smittyfoo, tanamaria, nemily -- 11 + Cool Points :D
no51, woodyinvincible, thebestmarkever -- 10 + Cool Points :D

11/14/04 09:37 pm - kuh - Quiz 10.

Sunday is new official movie quiz day. Quiz will run until Sunday early-evening sometime.

Quiz 10Collapse )

11/13/04 12:26 pm - kuh - Quiz 9 Results:

Quiz 9 AnswersCollapse )

Top 6
jimmyrabbitte -- 20 -- Congrats on getting 100%!
ophelia_died, squeakywheel -- 18
kimyoo_films -- 15
poohsuntzu, swallow_the_key -- 13

Note: I will be posting the new quiz later tonight, possibly tomorrow. I have to rent more movies. Ha ha ha.
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