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Final Quiz Results:

Office Space (1 point)
29 Correct Answers
Trivia: The red Swingline stapler that Milton was so afraid of having taken away was never actually manufactured by the Swingline company; it was instead painted red by a crew member in the props department. However, following the movie's success on video as a cult film, the demand for red Swingline staplers (apparently as a symbol of quiet rebellion among cubicle-bound employees) was so great that the company began to sell the red Swingline stapler on its website. Or, you can purchase it here.

Grosse Point Blank (2 points)
24 Correct Answers
Quote: Debi: You're a psychopath.
Marty: No, no. Psychopaths kill for no reason. I kill for *money*. It's a *job*. That didn't come out right.

Big Fish (1 point)
25 Correct Answers
Trivia: Ewan McGregor was cast as Young Ed Bloom when producers noticed the striking similarity between him and pictures of a young Albert Finney, who plays Senior Ed Bloom.

Notting Hill (2 points)
Rejected Title: Jacques Custeau's Breakfast Adventures
21 Correct Answers
Quote: Keziah: No thanks, I'm a fruitarian.
Max: I didn't realize that.
William: And, ahm: what exactly is a fruitarian?
Keziah: We believe that fruits and vegetables have feeling so we think cooking is cruel. We only eat things that have actually fallen off a tree or bush - that are, in fact, dead already.
William: Right. Right. Interesting stuff. So, these carrots...
Keziah: Have been murdered, yes.
William: Murdered? Poor carrots. How beastly!

A Beautiful Mind (2 points)
30 Correct Answers
Trivia: The film was shot in sequence in order to help Russell Crowe develop a consistently progressing manner of behavior.

What a Girl Wants (1 point)
Alternative Titles: What a Girl Wants (is an acting coach)
18 Correct Answers
Trivia: When Henry calls Libby to tell her Daphne has been out all day with a boy in a band (Ian), Libby says, Lemme guess, he's a drummer? In reality, Oliver James, who plays Ian, is a drummer.

Shrek 2 (1 point)
31 Correct Answers
Trivia: A couple of Kids during a test screening asked Director Andrew Adamson what Dragon turned into, Andrew said that Dragon turned into a Pegasus creature (Horse with wings).

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2 points)
Common misconception: No they're not doing Jim Carrey.
15 Correct Answers
Quote: Patrick: Mary hates me. I've never been popular with the ladies.
Stan: Maybe if you stopped stealing their panties.

Kill Bill Volume 1 (1 point)
Also Accepted: Kill Bill.
30 Correct Answers
Spoiler: David Carradine confirmed that the killer of O-Ren's parents (during the animated sequence) is Bill.

Ying xiong/Hero (2 points)
Not Accepted: What's the kanji for *whew*?
20 Correct Answers
Title Cards read: People give up their lives for many reasons.
For friendship, for love, for an ideal
And people kill for the same reasons...
Before China was one great country, it was divided into seven warring states.
In the Kingdom of Qin was a ruthless ruler. He had a vision - To unite the land.
To put an end, once and for all, to war.
It was an idea soaked in the blood of his enemies.
In any war there are heroes on both sides...

Lost in Translation (1 point)
29 Correct Answers
Spoiler: In the final moments of the film Bill Murray whispers something into Scarlett Johansson's ear. This moment was improvised, as was the whole scene and it has never been publicly revealed what, if anything, was whispered.

Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain/Amelie (1 point)
29 Correct Answers
Trivia: The photo booth picture collection is based on a real collection created by a friend of director Jean-Pierre Jeunet. He is credited during the ending credits (D'après la collection originale de Michel Folco). A faux photo booth picture collection was created for the film, so that the rights to the real collection did not have to be purchased.

Old School (1 point)
29 Correct Answers
Trivia: The beer Will Ferrel drinks during the Mitch-a-palooza scene is O'Doul's (non-alcoholic).

Napoleon Dynamite (2 points)
29 Correct Answers (dude that's like 4 in a row of 29.)
Quote: (From a deleted scene) Don: Do you wanna die, Napoleon?
Napoleon Dynamite: Yeah right. Who's the only one here who knows the illegal ninja moves from the government?
Don: Step up, Napoleon.
Napoleon Dynamite: [slaps him and runs]

Bom yeoreum gaeul gyeoul geurigo bom/Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring (4 points)
Not Accepted: jassalol's awful (but hilarious) answer. (I bet you wish I had the gall to repeat it.)
7 Correct Answers
Director Cameo: Ki-duk Kim, the adult monk at the end of the movie

Love, Actually (2 points)
21 Correct Answers
Trivia: Olivia Olson (Joanna - Sam's crush), does all her own singing in "All I Want for Christmas" at the Christmas concert. She had such an amazing voice that the director had it edited so it sounded more like a child singing.

Fahrenheit 911 (1 point)
31 Correct Answers
Trivia: Michael Moore retained Chris Lehane, a Democratic Party strategist or opposition research, used to discredit detractors. He also hired outside fact-checkers of The New Yorker to vet the film. He has consulted with lawyers who can bring defamation suits against anyone who maligns the film or damages his reputation.

Dangerous Beauty (3 points)
10 Correct Answers
Trivia: Based on the life of Poet Veronica Franco. In her real trial, she defended herself successfully using her wit and intelligence.

Cruel Intentions (2 points)
27 Correct Answers
Trivia: The scene with Annette making faces at Sebastian in the car was completely improvised by Reese Witherspoon. Ryan Phillippe's laughter is real and unscripted.

13 Going on 30/Suddenly 30 (1 point)
30 Correct Answers
Trivia: In Australia, the title was changed to "Suddenly 30" because distributors thought audiences would misunderstand the original title.

Elf (1 point)
32 Correct Answers

Super Size Me (3 points)
8 Correct Answers
Trivia: Morgan Spurlock got the idea for the documentary when he was lying on his couch at his family's house shortly after Thanksgiving dinner, watching TV when he saw the news about two teenage girls suing McDonald's for making them obese.

Josie and the Pussycats (1 point)
31 Correct Answers
Quote: Marco: Maybe if you showed Dr. Zaius the proper respect, Dr. Zaius would stop showing you the POO!

Moulin Rouge! (1 point)
29 Correct Answers
Trivia: Filming was halted for two weeks in November 1999 after Nicole Kidman fractured two ribs and injured her knee while rehearsing a dance routine for the film. Many of the scenes where she is seen only from the chest up were shot while she was in a wheelchair.

Kill Bill Volume 2 (1 point)
26 Correct Answers
Special: Wait after the credits for an alternate take of The Bride ripping out one of the Crazy 88's eyes.

Top 3
aficionadess -- 40 (Super Congrats for a perfect score!)
ophelia_died -- 37
thebestmarkever -- 35
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